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Useful Tips to Edit and Proofread Your Essay

After putting in much effort and into the essay researching and writing you come upon an essay that is complete in its ideas, content, and arguments. Many people have a tendency to do away with the last important processes of editing proofreading; they submit the essay with little proofreading at the end of the essay. Having done so right after the writing and reviewing phase, they fail to find the many mistakes that weaken their essays. The essay writer thus ends up with an essay grade that is far below what the essay deserved. 

The smaller mistakes in the essays such as mistakes in spelling, grammar, voice, etc can ruin the readers’ reading experience. These smaller mistakes popup and tend to overshadow the larger ideas and arguments that you have produced in your essay 

In order to make the most of your essay and to present it for submission in its best form, you need to include editing and proofreading as major parts of your post writing process. To make sure that you make the most out of the process there are several things that you should do and follow in the proofreading and editing process.

Spend time away from the essay

When you start to look for the errors and mistakes in your writing right after the writing process you tend to miss out on most of them, even the blatant ones. The problem occurs due to your familiarity with your ideas, writing, and logic. When reading the text you are usually reflecting off with the memory of it still fresh. You will, thus, see what you want to see: a perfect essay. 

By spending time away from the essay you defamiliarize yourself with the essay. So after you are done with the writing process spend time doing something else and leave the essay for a couple of days. When you come back with a fresher mind filled with everything but the essay, you will be able to catch more mistakes. 

Change the medium and the font

Another great way to defamiliarize yourself and do it with much less time is to change the look of the writing that you are going through. The visual changes will make you read the essay as if it is a new text. 

You should print the essay out and read and correct the changes as you read the essay. Make notes on the paper so that you can correct them later on your screen. 

You can further combine this with changing the font size and font type. Doing this alone can at times help you catch any mistakes that you might have missed on a normal read.

Read aloud and read backward

A good way to check if the words have been spelled right is to read the essay backward. This way you will read each letter for what it is and catch the ones that need to be corrected.

Reading the essay aloud by yourself or having write my essay service to read it out for you will let your hearing catch what your sight might have looked over. This is a great way to check the flow of information and the logic of the arguments as well as a way to weed out badly written sentences.

Highlight and underline the various parts

Highlighting can be used to check the variety of sentences in the essay: by highlighting each sentence type with a different color, you can judge if you have a sentence variety. 

Underlining the important structural parts will allow you to see whether each paragraph contains all the essential components.

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